"If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got."
Henry Ford

What can Kupek do for you?

Kupek, with headquarters in Rödental , stands for innovative solutions, tailored to the needs of the individual customer in the area of procurement and logistics.

Isn't it true that you do not have enough time and capacities to take targeted actions with regard to A-topics in supplier- and supply-chain management? Isn't it true that your staff in purchase and logistics is overloaded with routine tasks and does not have enough time to take care of the most important topics with the necessary consequence?

Then we are a good match. We reduce the time our customers normally spend on time-consuming activities in purchasing and logistics and allow them to use existing resources efficiently.

In doing so, we deliberately look beyond the boundaries of classic procurement services and C-parts management and are intensively involved in the manifold possibilities of digitization. From a holistic point of view, we develop technical and operational solutions that offer you the greatest possible benefit for sustainable materials management. Despite all digitization, goods have to be moved at the good end and be in the right place at the right time.

Our expertise in all relevant fields relating to materials, processes and logistics enables us to offer cost-effective solutions across all stages of the supply chain. Tail-end requirements, spare parts management, supplier bundling, individual procurement, global sourcing, import and export support, packaging management, Kanban supply or the operation of complete logistics centers - Kupek is a reliable and experienced partner for all these tasks.

We want to help you to further optimize your processes, increase cost and process efficiency, and provide you with tools to engage in direct dialogue with those involved in the process, to meet customer needs, and to help them unlock valuable potential.
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